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Russia Tours

The world’s largest country is a land of great mystery and prestige. Russia’s diverse territories stretch from Europe to far-eastern Asia and the Arctic circle, while its landscape varies from barren steppes (treeless plains) to hulking peaks and frozen tundras. Unlike its compact European neighbours, Russia is obtrusively enormous; a drive from the capital Moscow to Chelyabinsk, the gateway to Siberia, would take almost 24 hours and pass many regions, each with their own customs, languages and ethnicities. 

The streets of its cities teem with remnants of its complex past. Communist-era apartments sit beside modern high rises in Moscow, while the palatial buildings and gold-domed cathedrals of St. Petersburg exude opulence. Escape the two biggest cities and you’ll come across picturesque villages steeped in tradition. Russia will lure you with its mystery and entrance you with its sights. Click here to learn more about when is the best time to visit Russia.

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When is the best time to visit Russia


Russia is a place of mystery and intrigue, full of contrasts and culture on a grand scale. But, when is the best time to go? Russia will wow you with its opulence and humble you with its traditions. From the palatial buildings and teeming streets of its cities, to picturesque villages and epic landscapes, there's a my...

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Must-See Moscow Hotspots


Wondering what to do on your visit to Moscow? Whether you’re into history, politics, ballet or flea markets, here are 10 Moscow must-dos:   1. St. Basil’s Cathedral There is no sight more Muscovite than St. Basil’s Cathedral. Its cluster of colourful onion-shaped domes was built in the 1500s and intended to resemble th...

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Must-Eat Moscow Meals


From soups and sweets to salads and fish, the Russian staples you must try The clichés about Russian food range from caviar to empty shelves and bread queues, but in reality, the country has a rich culinary tapestry reflecting its position as a crossroads between Europe, Central Asia and the Far East as well as its rol...

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First Timer's guide to Russia


From what to pack and how to pay, to what to drink and how to drink it – here’s all you need to know about your first trip to Russia   It’s safe There’s always a nervousness that comes with being in a foreign land, however, apart from a bit of petty crime and the universal themes of scamming and overcharging tourists,...

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