Georgia Tours

From the 4th century Narikala Fortress to the opulent Tbilisi Opera House, and up to the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains, Georgia stuns visitors at every turn. Its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia has long influenced facets of its culture, from its music to the flavours of its cuisine. But although the country has passed through many hands, from Persian to Ottoman and Soviet, its national identity couldn’t be stronger. Georgians even speak one of the world’s oldest languages, with 33 letters and a script unlike any other. 

Kick off your Georgian journey in the capital Tbilisi; stroll through the old town, or jump on the funicular for panoramic views of the Mtkvari River and beyond. Then, venture out to the mountainous countryside, where medieval villages like Mestia are often dusted in snow. Along the way, feast on plates of khachapuri (cheese-filled flatbread), sip chacha (pomace brandy) if you dare, and bask in the warm hospitality.