Chile Tours

Chile is South America at its grandest and most wild. The world’s longest country is roughly 10 times smaller than Australia, yet encompasses all manner of natural wonders, from fjords to deserts, glaciers and almost 500 volcanoes. Its vast coastline allows for stunning beaches and delicious mariscos (seafood), while its geography and climate provide perfect conditions for vineyards, making Chilean wine world-renowned.

The capital Santiago sits in the centre of Chile and features a stunning collection of neo-classical buildings and modern skyscrapers, set against the rugged Andes. Home to 40% of the Chilean population, the city is a thriving metropolis and hub of innovation. Head south and you’ll reach the famed Patagonia region, where breathtaking scenery, rare wildlife and a rich cultural heritage combine to create a place like no other. Click here to learn more about when is the best time to visit Chile.

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Stargazing in Chile


Chile is the astronomical capital of the world. Clear skies and the natural geography make it the best place to find a shooting star There is a reason that half of the telescopes on earth are found in Chile. The incredibly low rainfall, plentiful cloudless skies, high altitudes and the sparsely populated country (meani...

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Wild Patagonia


Patagonia is a haven for wild animals due to its harsh climate and varied topography, and thanks to a lack of human interference It really is the end of the earth. Where after a hard-fought battle, the tired and rugged land gives way to the angry swirls of the Southern Ocean. The jagged rocks of the Andes Mountain rang...

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Santiago for foodies


Experience the culinary revival in Santiago de Chile Roast meat and barbecues will always hold a special place in the hearts of Santiaguinos, but right now the Chilean capital is enjoying a new wave of gastronomic excellence. There’s experimental fine dining, an ongoing trend for local produce and a flurry of veg...

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When is the best time to visit Chile


Chile is one of South America's grandest treasures, home to landscapes that defy the imagination and cultures that will captivate you. But, when is the best time to go? Chile is the longest country in the world, with copious natural wonders along its entire length, from volcanoes and deserts to fjords and glaciers. At...

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