Norway Tours

For lovers of nature and remarkable beauty, Norway is the ultimate destination. Tucked above Europe, this Scandinavian nation is home to scenery so magical it looks otherworldly. Watch the celestial northern lights dance across skies in Tromsø, wander the colourful streets of the Lofoten islands, lead a fleet of huskies across snowy terrain and warm up with a tipple of akevitt (spirit flavoured with herbs), Norway’s national drink.

A trip through Norway is sure to delight every traveller, from the timid to the adventurous. Its landscapes are ideal for hiking, its cities for walking and its fjords for cruising, while its dramatic, viking-filled past is sure to intrigue any history buff. And if the staggering landscape can’t win you over, the warm hospitality certainly will.


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Norse Code

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vikings and more   Vikings were Nordic seafarers active mostly from the 8th to the 11th century. They are known for travelling across the oceans on longboats, raping, pillaging and looting along the way. While not everything we think we know about Vikings is true, they c...

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21 reindeer facts

We ride them, we herd them, we even eat them, reindeer are a romantic symbol of Christmas but also a major part of Norwegian culture   Reindeer are a type of deer, although in North America they are called Caribou. Norway’s Svalbard reindeer is the smallest and the boreal woodland caribou found in Canada...

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Fjord Fiesta

Norway is famed for its impressive fjords found in narrow valleys running down to the sea. The views from the fjords make this a year-round favourite for visitors   Slartibartfast, the designer of planets in the novel the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, said he most enjoyed designing coastlines and he actually...

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