China Tours

With its myriad of ancient sights, cultural delights and breathtaking scenery, China is a country that should be on every bucket list. Few places manage to fuse history and modernity as seamlessly as the Middle Kingdom. Its cities tell stories of opulence and splendour, while its culinary scene is second to none. Wander the streets of Beijing, China’s iconic capital, and observe the architectural shift from the ancient to the modern in the space of 50 metres. Take a walk down the Bund in Shanghai for a glimpse of China’s colonial past, or journey to Chengdu to see the Giant Panda in its native home.

From the lush mountain ranges of central China, to the desert dunes of the north and the tropical beaches in the south, China truly does have it all.

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11 attractions you'll see along the Yangtze River

Asia’s longest river is the lifeblood of China   The Yangtze River meanders through central China, sustaining life and giving way to rich biodiversity. It crosses diverse terrain, from valleys, to mountains, limestone gorges and even wetlands, making it both an important water source and transportation...

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Hong Kong Stopover Guide

What to do and see on a one, two, three day layover in The Pearl of the Orient   One of the best airports in the world, the well-designed Hong Kong International Airport has great eats, excellent amenities (including an IMAX cinema and indoor golf), and plenty of retail therapy to soothe the most beleaguered...

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China bound: 10 things to know before you go

From eating and transport, to vaccinations and the internet, here’s what you need to know before your Middle Kingdom adventure   A visit to China is unlike a visit to any other place on earth. As a nation overwhelmingly rich in culture, history, art and cuisine, it’s little wonder China is an increasin...

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Everything you need to know about: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is serious business in its motherland, but it also offers a glimpse at the best and brightest of traditional Chinese culture   Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or chunjie, is a 15-day festive period at the beginning of the year – usually late January or mid-to-late February, i...

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Five dishes you must eat in China

With eight regional cuisines and countless dishes, there’s something for every taste and palate in China   Chi le ma? is the most common greeting in China, but it doesn’t mean hello. Rather, it means, “Have you eaten?” To say that food is an important part of Chinese culture is an understat...

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A first timer’s guide to haggling and bargaining

It might seem odd to westerners but haggling is a positively enjoyable pastime for Chinese shoppers. Get the most out of your shopping experience without paying over the odds   A strange language, a new culture, a different currency… arriving in a foreign country can be daunting. But finding unique gifts an...

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