India Tours

India. A land of vibrance and colour, of rich heritage and unexpected delights. It’s a country that takes its celebrations as seriously as its worship and has great pride in its gastronomy. Step off the plane and prepare for a sensory overload: the sounds of car horns and street vendors, while aromatic spices tickle your nose. The clothing is bright, the streets bustling, and the architecture an eclectic fusion of old and new.

Between its delicious cuisine, varying by region and season, and its phenomenal ancient structures – the Taj Mahal and the Amer Fort to name just two – India offers something for every inspired traveller. And whether you dream of wandering the pink streets of Jaipur, or watching a sunrise wash over the ganges in sacred Varanasi, India will grip you with full force and refuse to let go.

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India for first-timers

India is a feast (and occasionally a full-frontal assault) for the senses. While every visitor will take away something different from this fascinating country, going in with a few simple things in mind will help first timers navigate their encounter   Go with the flow Not everything in life goes to plan. Embrace...

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Two tales, one city

Lying side by side, Old Delhi and New Delhi share one thing in common – a name   India has always been proud of its diversity and its capital is a fine representation of this. Delhi is distinctly divided into two contrasting worlds – Old Delhi and New Delhi. Both have their own distinct characteristics...

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The flavours of Southern India

South India is distinctly different from its northern counterpart and when it comes to food, it’s no different   Idil, dosa, vada - oh my! Welcome to the flavours of South India.   Idli (savoury, steamed rice cake), dosa (pancake), and vada (fried doughy fritters) are delicious snacks, native to India&r...

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