Antarctica Tours

Long known as the last frontier on Earth, Antarctica has many titles to its name. It’s the driest, coldest and windiest continent, it has no native population, nor countries within it and it’s home to an astounding 90% of the world’s ice. Fascinatingly, its landscape is also dotted with dozens of volcanic peaks, some of which are still active. Antarctica is wilderness at its most raw and beautiful and today, it’s more accessible than ever.

Navigate the notorious Drake Passage, spot hundreds of penguins, and follow in the footsteps of the world’s great explorers, as you journey across sprawling glaciers and ice sheets. The great white continent is a land of wonder and sensational sights, unlike anywhere else on the planet.

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Visiting Antarctica: your questions answered

From temperature, to sights and safety, we answer the most commonly asked questions   It’s hard to believe that wild and untamed frontiers still exist today, but that’s exactly what Antarctica is. Nature at its most raw and unfiltered; where penguins, seals, whales and birds roam the icy land unencumbe...

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Going to Antarctica? Here's what to watch & read first

Before travelling to the icy continent, its sights and fascinating history are best explored through screen and literature   As the most remote destination on earth visited by a few thousand every season (November to March), it’s no surprise that Antarctica is shrouded in mystery. If you’re considering...

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Guide to Antarctica’s most famous wildlife

From penguins, to whales and birds, wildlife are the star attractions on an Antarctic adventure   An expedition to the Antarctic is a once in a lifetime journey. Traversing the mighty Drake Passage, circling the Antarctic Peninsula, watching icebergs drift by in the southern ocean and stepping onto the icy contine...

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