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Greenland Tours

Although this icy island technically belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland or Kalaallit Nunaat (meaning Land of the People) is a world of its own. Few places on Earth are as wild and unspoiled as Greenland. This spectacular spot resembles a miniature Antarctica, with equally heaving glaciers and ice formations – sans the penguins. Despite being the largest non-continental island, there are no roads connecting its towns and cities; instead, boats and light planes are used to get around. Logical really, when you consider that 80% of Greenland is covered by an enormous ice sheet. 

Between the glaciers that dot its coastline, and the myriad of animals that call it home, it’s little wonder why many dream of visiting this Arctic nation. Travel from the capital Nuuk, out to the idyllic rainbow villages in the west, learning about Inuit culture and the island’s Viking past along the way. A trip to Greenland is one adventure you’ll never forget.

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A First Timer's Guide to Greenland


Heading to Greenland? Here's your go-to guide on what to pack, eat, see and do   Greenland might be the largest island in the world with a whopping landmass of 840,000 square miles but it also has the lowest population density in the world. That means there’s a whole lot of nothing in Greenland and you can travel for d...

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Interview with Simon Lynge: Greenland's Musical Export


Simon Lynge is Greenland’s best known musical export. His folk-rock is heavily inspired by the natural beauty of his childhood home Where did you grow up? I am half-Greenlandic and half-Danish, which is quite a common combination since Greenland is a Danish autonomous territory. I was born in Holstebro in Denmark and...

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Contemporary Greenland culture icons you've never heard of


Fashion and food are leading the way when it comes to Greenlandic contemporary culture Greenland may seem like a frozen cultural backwater but in recent years the contemporary culture scene has boomed. Greenlandic musicians such as Simon Lynge are playing international festivals and local contemporary artists can be se...

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