Sri Lanka Tours

Long overlooked in favour of sprawling India and southeast Asia, Sri Lanka is a dazzling country getting the attention it deserves. Despite its small size, it has all the hallmarks of a traveller’s paradise: exquisite cuisine, world-class beaches and national parks as animal-rich as any in Africa. Word of its charm is spreading as fast as the country is evolving, so now is the perfect time to explore.

Sri Lanka is a place of rich culture and tradition, influenced by its intriguing history. Having been inhabited for more than two thousand years and settled by many different European colonies, its architecture is an eclectic mix of east and west. Stroll the streets of southern Galle and you’ll encounter grand Dutch Colonial structures nestled between Islamic mosques and Buddhist temples. Head west from the commercial capital of Colombo and you’ll be met with lush tea plantations as far as the eye can see, while a journey north from tea country will bring you to safari plains, where elephants and leopards roam freely. Click here to learn about when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.