South Korea Tours

Shrugging off its past, South Korea is now a thriving tech haven attracting more visitors than ever before. Its fast-paced streets are seeped in 5000 years of culture and intricate history, while over 80% of its geography is mountainous, making it a dynamic destination for hikers. South Korea is broken into provinces, with the futuristic capital Seoul sitting in the country’s north west. Think: ultra-modern skyscrapers, lively markets and traditional Buddhist temples. 

The most rugged and mountainous terrain is found in the east, while the west is flatter, making it ideal for agriculture. For a taste of traditional South Korea, head to UNESCO-listed Andong Hahoe village, or jump across the Korea Strait and you’ll land on Jeju-do, the South Korean answer to Hawaii. Don’t forget to feast on some delicious bibimbap (mixed rice) and the national dish kimchi (fermented vegetables) along the way! Click here to learn about when is the best time to visit South Korea.