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Inspiring professional development opportunities


Meet Sally, Sales Specialist

Since joining Inspiring Vacations as a Customer Service Specialist in 2019, Sally has taken on several important responsibilities across the business, before moving into a Sales Specialist role in early 2021. Sally sat down to share her story so far with us.


Why did you join the Inspiring Vacations team?

First and foremost it was the like-minded love for travelling, and creating relationships with customers that attracted me. Inspiring Vacations were a little different to other travel companies by thinking outside the box and praised for continuous innovation. The genuine passion that everyone brings to their roles everyday was - and still is - infectious.


What do you love about your job? 

I have recently moved into the sales team and I am so excited to be back talking to our wonderful customers. I really enjoy the fast pace, the diverse nature of the role and spending my day talking about something I am truly passionate about: travel! Everyone is encouraged and has plenty of opportunities to contribute new ideas and work on challenges that are not necessarily part of their everyday role. It’s exciting to think creatively, see our innovations and the growth our team and business achieve!

Tell us a little more about the professional development opportunities you’ve had since joining?

I took on a secondment in the Customer Experience Specialist role which was great to learn more about the customer’s experience. I then had an opportunity to spend some time in the Marketing team as Video Content Coordinator. This was such a great opportunity to expand my skills, get creative and work closely with people I wouldn't normally get a chance to. I took on some leadership responsibilities in this role which was fantastic too! I’ve also helped out with some social media moderation and have had a taste of what our Social Media Manager does. I also got an opportunity to sit in on a task-force team to start up a completely new brand outside of travel. I learnt very quickly to say yes to every opportunity!


What are your favourite company perks? 

I love the flexible work arrangements we have in place - it provides work/life balance and our business offer is extended customer service hours. Being an avid traveller, the travel perks and discounts are a huge benefit. I love our wine/social club and team events, too - they’re a lot of fun!

How would you describe the company culture? 

It’s mostly fun, supportive, high energy and incredibly motivating. Our leadership team and communication are transparent, relaxed and there is a huge focus on growth and learning opportunities. Everyone in the company participates in a customer service shift each week, and this company-wide focus on our customer brings us all together and the focus is on the customer, regardless of the department or role they are in. I genuinely love coming to work every day.

What would you say to people considering joining our team?

The travel industry is such a diverse and fun industry to work in - it’s truly exciting that we all share an unwavering passion for travel. Each and every person in our business has different skills and talents and that is celebrated - you won't be just a number or another employee in the cog. Inspiring Vacations has such a supportive and progressive environment that has made every challenge I’ve taken on so enjoyable and easy. Do it!