Morocco Tours

A land of rolling dunes, ancient medinas, and bustling souks, Morocco is the gem of northern Africa. The country is a collision of extremes: old and new, vast deserts and lush oases, exciting cities and soaring mountain ranges. Whether you’re navigating the serpentine streets of Fes, or following the footsteps of T. E. Lawrence into the Sahara, prepare to be charmed by its diversity.

Inhabited since the Paleolithic period by the indigenous Berbers, Morocco has gone through many periods of occupation, from the Romans to the Arabs and most recently, the French. Remnants of its storied past are scattered across the country, with Islamic-style mosques beside bright, art-deco buildings and locals fluent in both french and arabic. Magical Morocco is ready to be explored. Click here to learn more about when is the best time to visit Morocco. 

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Guide to Moroccan accommodation

From homestays to riads and many options in between, Morocco offers visitors a broad array of accommodation choices   Morocco is an enchanting destination, with influences from the Middle East and Africa, as well as Europe, thanks to its French colonial history. This fusion of east meets west has culminated in tra...

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Moroccan food and drink you'll fall in love with

Delve into a cuisine that’s as diverse as its landscape   Moroccan food is an assault on the senses, in a good way. Spicy, full-flavoured and often boasting a mix of contrasting textures and ingredients, the multiple layers of flavour and aroma make every meal an intoxicating affair. Morocco’s Berber r...

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When is the best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is a place of dazzling diversity – from soaring mountain ranges to the sweeping desert and ancient cities. But, when is the best time to go?     Morocco captivates travellers with its colour, culture and warm hospitality. Bustling cities and souks, mouth-watering food, traditional riads, desert...

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Moroccan travel myths debunked

The country will overwhelm you with its sights, sounds and bustling vibe so go prepared to get the most out of your time in Morocco   Colourful, full of culture, history and an ethnic mix of French, Arabic and North African, Morocco is a melting point of exotic influences. Said to have been inhabited since the Pal...

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