Sweden Tours

World-renowned for their skill in design, Sweden is a Scandinavian gem. The Swedish cities are filled with exquisite architecture – both old and new – but head away from the crowds and you’ll find yourself in a world of natural beauty. Scale one of the country's many mountains or hike the High Coast Trail along the Gulf of Bothnia for panoramic views of the sea and islands within it. Head north and you’ll arrive at the town of Kiruna, the Swedish gateway to the arctic. Winter visitors can explore the snow-dusted city and watch the Aurora Borealis light up the sky.

The Swedish are a friendly bunch, proud of their traditions and rich cultural heritage. Stockholm, the dynamic capital city, is like a work of art, evolving with modern society, yet still reflecting its past. Get lost in its colourful streets to learn more about the country and be sure to sample some local seafood along the way.

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