Switzerland Tours

Switzerland is dramatic mountain scapes, idyllic villages and formidable natural beauty. Made up of 26 different cantons (administrative region) and speaking four official languages, the country is a stunning landlocked nation sandwiched between three European giants: France, Italy and Germany. Its cities exude class, with clean streets and historic architecture at every turn, while its small towns are so picturesque they resemble photographs. 

Explore the iconic Fraumünster church on the Zürich waterfront, eat Fondue Moitié-Moitié (half Gruyère cheese, half Vacherin cheese) in alpine St. Moritz, stay in a romantic châteaux tucked into the mountains or go paragliding in Interlaken. Switzerland is ideal for adventurers and leisure travellers alike.


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10 things to do in Zurich

05 May 2023

Chocolate, watches, art and more – the ‘Little Big City’ has so much to offer visitors, before and after your tour   1. For art  The largest art museum in Switzerland, Zurich’s Kunsthaus boasts a collection from the 13th century to the present. There are rooms dedicated to Swiss artist and sculptor, Alberto Giacometti,...

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6 reasons to visit Lake Geneva

18 Sep 2020

Wine, jazz, culture and – of course – pristine swimming spots, Lake Geneva has it all Crystal-clear, shimmering Lake Geneva – or Lac Léman as it’s known to the locals – gives life to the villages, towns and cities that are dotted along its shores. As a source of entertainment, culture, health, food and even wine (we’ll...

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How to eat your way through Switzerland

16 Sep 2020

Switzerland is so much more than fondue and chocolate. Join us on a journey through some of the nation’s finest – and often overlooked – culinary delights With culinary powerhouses France and Italy on its doorstep, it’s no surprise that Swiss cuisine often fails to emerge from the shadows cast by its more illustrious n...

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10 things you need to know about Switzerland

16 Sep 2020

It’s not all cuckoo clocks and sound financial advice: from fine wine and Alpine views to parading cattle and the discovery of the illusive ‘God Particle’, here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about one of Europe’s most picture-perfect nations 1. It has four official languages Spend even the shortest amount of...

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Wine-taste your way through the Montreux Riviera

16 Sep 2020

‘Come for the views and stay for the wine’, should be your motto as your travel through one of Switzerland’s most picturesque lake-side spots, discovering some of its most iconic vintages along the way Though a mere stone’s throw from some of the most famous wine-making regions in the world – think Burgundy, Champagne,...

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7 of the best experiences to have in the Swiss Alps

11 Sep 2019

There’s a whole lot more to an Alpine adventure than photo ops and skiing. Here are seven quintessentially Swiss experiences you can only find in the Alps From celebrating cows in a town famous for its cheese and soaking in thermal baths, to hiking with St Bernards (yes, the dogs) and crossing the world’s largest suspe...

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