Iceland Tours

From the glistening ice caves of Vatnajökull to the thundering Dettifoss Waterfall and the bubbling mud pools of the Askja Caldera, Iceland is a veritable patchwork of dramatic landscapes. This far northern country has Nordic roots, but historians believe Celts from the British Isles were among the first to arrive, back in the 7th century. Today, Icelanders are immensely proud of their island nation, its lively culture and unique tongue. 

Despite being smaller than the US state of Colorado and home to less than half a million people, Iceland has a strong case for the title of world’s most scenic country. Thanks to its location in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the country is a geothermal hotspot, brimming with volcanoes and geysers. Begin your adventure in the colourful capital Reykjavík and follow the Ring Road around the country, crossing through lush fields with grazing wild horses, to barren, Mars-like terrain in a matter of minutes.


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10 must-have Iceland experiences

18 Aug 2021

Whether it’s by land or sea, in luxury or through adventure, Iceland lets you get back to nature   1. Cruise the glaciers A variety of tours are available – including hiking and rock climbing – over Iceland’s glaciers, but arguably the best way to take in the true scope of the millennia-old ice is via boat. Small boat...

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A First Timer’s Guide to Iceland

18 Aug 2021

Wrap up warm, stay out late and think twice before you order the fermented shark meat   Pay by card and don’t tip Even small shops in Iceland take card payments, so there’s no need to take a large amount of cash on your holiday. If you do want to withdraw some just to be on the safe side, it’s best to do it at the airp...

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