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From the sweeping deserts of Arizona, to the pristine beaches of Hawaii and the unforgettable nightlife of Las Vegas, the United States is a land of extremes. It’s home to hollywood glitz and the storied wild west. A place of thriving innovation and cultural diversity. Visitors to the sprawling country will come for the famous sights and stay for the hidden gems.

Traverse the US and you’ll uncover something different in each of its 50 states. The north is rich in stunning scenery and biodiversity, the east hosts New York City and many quaint colonial towns, the south is the beating country heart, while the famed west coast is home to California’s star-studded streets. Then, there’s spectacular Alaska, almost otherworldly in its rugged beauty and remoteness. The US astounds and excites at every turn.


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Alaska bucket list: 10 attractions you must see

28 Feb 2023

Alaska is bursting with attractions for culture vultures and nature-lovers alike The United States is home to dazzling landscapes and a world of attractions, but those in search of rugged wilderness will fall in love with Alaska. Dubbed the final frontier, this northern state bordering Canada is positively teaming with...

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8 must-try local dishes in Alaska

18 Aug 2021

From hearty game meats, to freshly foraged berries, Alaskan cuisine is a treat for taste buds Alaskan food is a product of its geography. The 49th state has the longest coastline in the US, stretching for 10,686km, and a staggering three million lakes, so it’s hardly surprising that seafood is the cornerstone of its cu...

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What to expect on your first trip to Alaska

18 Aug 2021

The team at Travel Alaska share their recommendations for first-time visitors to the 49th state With sweeping mountain ranges, soaring peaks, and wildlife galore, Alaska is practically a highlight reel of nature’s greatest hits. The US state bordering Canadian Yukon has an impressive set of stats to support its status...

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