Mexico Tours

A true fiesta (party) for the senses, Mexico delights visitors with its unwavering hospitality and lust for life. This sprawling central American country is as geographically diverse as they come. From the cactus-dotted Sonoran Desert in northern Baja California to Chihuahua’s rolling Sierra Madre Occidental, down to the sun kissed beaches of Yucatan and the great rainforests of south-eastern Chiapas. You could travel the country for weeks and still leave with plenty to see. 

While taco stands are indeed common and tequila flows at discotecas (nightclubs), there’s much more to this latin icon than the western stereotypes that surround it. Visit sites like Teotihuacan and Monte Albán to learn about pre-Colombian civilisations, get inspired at Frida Kahlo’s blue casa (house) in Mexico City, and try regional fare in every city. If you make it to the foodie capital Oaxaca, indulging in mezcal, the national spirit of Mexico, is compulsory.


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