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From the graffitied streets of Berlin’s trendy district Kreuzberg to the grand gothic cathedrals of Munich and the many quaint towns in between, Germany will captivate you at every turn. Europe’s economic powerhouse is full of attractions to suit every visitor, including the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, the historic Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and countless rollicking Bavarian brauhauses (breweries). So grab your stein and get ready to prost (cheers) – this is the world’s beer capital after all. 

Germany is divided into 16 states. The country’s north is bound by sea and relatively flat, making it ideal agricultural land. Head south and the geography transforms into endless rolling hills and towering alps, home to the famous Black Forest (yes, just like the cake). Along the way, you’ll pass countless regions with their own distinct traditions, dialects and history. Exploring Germany is a pleasure and a privilege.


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Germany's love affair with the hog

28 Feb 2023

The pig seeps into many elements of German life, from the language to the beerhalls, and everything in-between What is it with Germans and their pigs? They absolutely love them. And not just on the dinner table either. The humble swine (schwein) is also a part of the German lexicon being used in hundreds of phrases, ad...

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Everything you need to know about: Oktoberfest

18 Aug 2021

The organiser of the biggest party in the world gives us a rundown of the history and traditions of Oktoberfest Germany’s Oktoberfest is arguably the biggest party in the world. There are few other places on earth where millions of people come together with the sole intention of getting rip-roaringly drunk. Hans Spindl...

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Germany's best Christmas Markets

18 Aug 2021

The Germans do Christmas better than anyone else—which is unsurprising since they pretty much invented it. Here, a rundown of the best Christmas markets Germany has to offer Germany pretty much invented Christmas as we know it today. It was the Germans who started the Christmas tree tradition and then decorated them wi...

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