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Estonia Tours

The quaint country of Estonia has remained under the tourist radar for decades, but with its old-world charm, medieval cities and immense forests, it’s a travellers paradise. Having been occupied many times throughout history – from the Swedes to the Polish, Germans and Soviets – independent Estonia is less than 30 years old, yet its culture has been evolving for thousands of years. Now, a journey through the tiny nation is unlike any other. 

Tallinn’s UNESCO-listed old town is reminiscent of Prague, with gothic buildings like the iconic St. Olaf’s Church setting the architectural tone. In addition to these beautiful old structures, colourful wooden houses and stark, soviet-era buildings line the same streets, hinting at Estonia’s past. For those seeking a rural experience, the coastal town of Haapsalu is painted pastel and truly picture-perfect.


A first timer's guide to Estonia


Prepare for a dreamworld of forests, medieval history, meteorite craters, and thousands of islands   For first-time visitors to Estonia, it might surprise you to know that this flat, northern coastal country has much more in common with Finland than its Baltic neighbours, Lithuania and Latvia. Its capital, Tallinn, is...

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Eat and drink like a local in Estonia


From traditional dishes to fresh takes on its classics, Estonian dining has something for every palette 1. Rye bread A staple of the Estonian diet, black or rye bread is served with most dishes and can be found in nearly every restaurant and cafe. Many varieties now exist, with fruit and seeds popular additions, but th...

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