Paul Ryan Managing Director

Our Managing Director and co-founder Paul Ryan, might not have stepped foot on a plane until he was 15 years old, but he’s been steadily making up lost ground. 

Having visited some of the most fascinating places across the globe, and holding senior roles with the UK and Australia's largest travel companies for close to two decades, Paul created Inspiring Vacations with Brendon and James. 

Paul doesn’t have a favourite destination; for him every trip has been memorable in one way or another.

Cruising on Hurtigruten’s new MS Roald Amundsen from Svalbard across to Greenland’s east coast and then over to the west coast of Iceland was certainly unforgettable, but it was a 10-day “all too quick” jaunt through Egypt and Jordan with his family in 2019 that resonates. Standing outside the church on Mount Nebo, looking out across the Jordan valley to Jericho and the Dead Sea – Moses’ supposed burial site nearby – Paul recalls: “it was awe-inspiring to consider the thousands of years of formative history that unfolded across this view.” 

As the illustrious leader of this travel company, Paul sagely observes that “choosing a holiday is not a life-altering decision but it’s an important one.” His role is to ensure our customer can trust us – trust that you are getting a trusted (and Inspiring) Vacation at a trusted value for money price, backed up with expert and local customer service.  

Say salaam alaikum to Paul