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Staff on Tour: Switzerland

July 14, 2023

Our staff frequently road test our customers’ fabulous travel experiences, provide on-the-ground feedback and scope out the latest delights. Here, insider tips from the destination experts...


Scott loved every minute of his 8-hour Glacier Express journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt (Photo: Scott Forth)
Scott loved every minute of his 8-hour Glacier Express journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt (Photo: Scott Forth)

Scott, Email Coordinator  

What is your best Switzerland travel tip?

Prepare for every type of weather! Although Switzerland is a small country, the diversity of altitude does mean you could be applying sunscreen one day and applying a couple of layers the next. In places like Zurich and Lucerne it was entering the start of summer with our arrival in early June, which meant short sleeves were fine, whereas in places like St. Moritz and the Jungfreau, you may need a decent jumper and maybe a jacket. Most days were hot and pleasant, and the landscape remained stunning no matter the weather. 

What do you wish you’d have known before your first visit?

Expect higher than average prices, especially when eating out. Thankfully I found this pretty manageable and it all depends on your budget. If you’re more relaxed about this you’ll have a fantastic time trying all the amazing local food coupled with excellent service. If you’re a little more budget-conscious like myself you can always try to fill up on the buffet breakfasts in the morning, and have an early dinner. Things like cheese were surprisingly more affordable than Australia, so a nice picnic in the park was one way you could eat amazing food without breaking the bank. 

What is your one must-see sight or must-do experience?

Visiting the Jungfrau is an absolute must during any trip through Switzerland; even just the journey up there is incredible. The cable car that takes you from Grindelwald to the train (which takes you to the peak) is absolutely breathtaking. You'll also get an incredible view of the north face of the Eiger, which is a famous mountaineering route known to be especially challenging (and you’ll see exactly why). Once you reach the top, you can then look down on the amazing snowy mountainous landscape.   

Best way to spend a free afternoon in Zurich?

I would definitely recommend taking a boat ride around Lake Zurich. Our tour included a 24-hour Zurich card and transport by boat was included. Although it is technically just another form of public transport, the route goes in an anti-clockwise direction around the lake, before arriving back in Zurich. If you’re visiting the Lindt Chocolate Factory, there’s a boat station not too far, which means you can take the scenic route back to town via boat, rather than getting on the same train you came in on. 

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