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Staff on tour: Seoul

July 25, 2023

Our staff frequently road test our customers’ fabulous travel experiences, provide on-the-ground feedback and scope out the latest delights. Here, insider tips from the destination experts...


Jordan at Yeouido Hagang Park, Han River
Jordan at Yeouido Hagang Park, Han River

Jordan, Marketing Coordinator 

What is your best Seoul travel tip?

Explore with your tastebuds! Seoul is filled with different tastes and incredible food—try all that's on offer with an open mind and you can't go wrong. From the iconic side dishes (banchan), to heartwarming stews and endless amounts of street food, be prepared to be blown away!

What do you wish you’d known before your first visit?

Google Maps does not work very well in Seoul, or Korea in general. Thankfully, through my research I was able to find the app which locals use, it's called Naver Map and works very similarly to other navigation maps. You’ll always feel much better when you’re prepared and have the right tools at your disposal to ensure you have a great time while travelling. 

What’s your one must-see sight or must-do experience?

Where do I start? The sights to see in Seoul are endless, however, if I had to pick one I would say visit one of the Hangang Parks along the Han River. I visited Yeouido Hangang Park, it was such a beautiful place to be, especially at night. You can get an incredible view of the Han River, the stunning Seoul cityscape and panoramic views of the illuminated bridges over the Han River.

Best way to spend a free afternoon in South Korea? 

You have to visit Gyeongju-si, a historical city in South Korea which is only a two hour train ride from Soeul on the KTX high speed train. From the main strip of the city which has a blend of modern and historical architecture, to the stunning temples with amazing views, this city is an amazing place to visit while in Seoul. Whether you visit for the day or stay overnight in a traditional hanok (traditional Korean house), you will not regret it. 

Get there: Jordan enjoyed some popular sights found on our 8 Day Spectacular South Korea, an in-depth, fully escorted tour that includes Seoul's top spots, UNESCO-listed sites of Gongju and Gyeongju, and more.