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17 Day Discover Japan & Okinawa Islands
Departure Date
17 Day Discover Japan & Okinawa Islands
Departure Date
02 Sep 2021
$5,799NZD pp
30 Sep 2021
$6,089NZD pp
28 Oct 2021
$6,379NZD pp
Land Only *
(excludes flights and transfers)
-$1,250NZD pp
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$2,000NZD per single room.
Robot Dance Show in Shinjuku

In a city known for its quirky charm and eclectic pop culture, it seems perfectly fitting to attend a robot dance show. Think flashing neon lights, wacky costumes, loud music, robot battles, dancing ninjas and dragons. It’s kitsch, like you’ve never seen before.     

Kimono Fitting - Kyoto

Kimonos are a traditional Japanese garment that were first introduced in Japan in the Heian period. You will be able to rent a Kimono and walk around the traditional streets of Kyoto to take iconic photos. Your guide will be able to provide you with directions to the venue. This tour commences at 3:00pm. 

Optional Tour - Green Tea ceremony

Also called Chado, "the way of tea" is the traditional and ceremonial preparation and presentation of Matcha. You will be shown how to prepare the tea and be able to experience preparing it as well. Your guide will be able to provide you with directions to the venue. This tour commences at 4:00pm.  

Kobe/Wagyu Beef Dinner in Osaka

Tonight, enjoy the delicacy of world-famous Kobe beef. Kobe beef comes from the Tajima strain of the Japanese Black cattle, raised under strict rules in the Hyogo Prefecture. The meat is famous for its flavour, tenderness and marbling. The duration of this activity is one hour.

Optional Tour - Okonomiyaki Dinner

Tonight, you will be able to enjoy an okonomiyaki dinner. Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake, famed in Hiroshima for its layering of ingredients including batter, cabbage and pork to which you can add optional items such as squid, octopus or more vegetables. The duration of this activity is one hour and commences at 1:00pm.

Local Okinawan Dinner in Naha

Okinawa boasts a special, proud culture that’s reflected in its cuisine. Enjoy dinner and learn more about local food traditions and delicacies. Okinawans are also known for their long life expectancy, in large part thanks to their traditional Okinawa diet.

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