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Pay in full discount on selected dates. Save $334 pp!

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13 Day Premium South Korea And Jeju Island

13 Day Premium South Korea And Jeju Island

This tour is fully escorted by a dedicated tour leader or local guide who will accompany you throughout the tour.

Escorted Type
Fully Escorted

This is considered a fast-paced tour. In order to explore as much as possible, this tour may require early starts and long travel days. One to two nights at one destination is standard. While some free time may be scheduled, most sightseeing is included throughout this tour. You will be required to move about unassisted, including getting on and off vehicles, walking up and down stairs and some activities will be conducted on uneven or steep terrain. You will be required to handle your own luggage. To ensure this trip is right for you, any physical ailments you may have must be disclosed at the time of booking to determine your suitability. If you have any form of walking aid, then this tour is not suitable.

Lively Pace
These tours allow you to experience the destination at unsurpassed value. You'll travel with between 40-50 other guests depending on your selected tour*. Enjoy features such as a wide range of included sightseeing, comfortable accommodation and a range of optional activities to choose from to best suit your travel style.
*Note: group size may exceed this. Please refer to the important information section of the Fine Print to view maximum group size for your selected tour. 
Group Size
Group Tour - Classic

Take advantage of our 7 day cooling-off period. 

Cooling Off Period
7 Days
Classic Tour
118 people have travelled to this destination

✓ Incredible sightseeing, including historic temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites, National Parks and gardens, the picturesque island of Jeju, and the Korean Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)
✓ Time to explore cities, including Seoul, Jeonju, coastal Yeosu, Busan & Pyongyang, home of the 2018 Winter Olympics
✓ 12 nights in quality 4 and 5-star hotels
✓ Breakfast daily
✓ Arrival and departure airport transfers
✓ Included flights to and from Jeju Island
✓ Fully escorted by a professional, English-speaking guide
✓ Dedicated, comfortable coach transportation

✈ Needing international airfares to accompany your Inspiring Vacation? You will be able to access our flight portal after securing your package to add international airfares to your booking.

What we love about this tour

Travel with the experts for a carefully curated, value-packed discovery of the world's most iconic destinations. Our tours are bursting with must-see sights, rich experiences and quality inclusions, all at an unbeatable price. Bucket list dreams are ticked off on these all-encompassing journeys.


Orakai Daehakro Hotel or Similar

Welcome to Seoul! Touch down at Incheon International Airport where you will be met by a representative and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is yours at leisure to begin your exploration of this dynamic city.

Arrival airport transfers are included as part of your package. You will be met upon arrival at the airport and transferred to your hotel.

If Inspiring Vacations has not provided your international airfares, please ensure you provide your flight details via your Traveller Hub portal no later than 90 days prior to travel so that your transfers can be confirmed.

Please note: if you are arriving early and have made your own arrangements prior to your tour commencing, airport transfers will not be included. However, if you are purchasing pre-nights accommodation as part of your Inspiring Vacations package, airport transfers will still be provided to the starting hotel.

Orakai Daehakro Hotel or Similar

After a leisurely breakfast, get ready for a full day of cultural immersion. Start by finding inner peace at Jogyesa Temple, before diving into royal history at Gyeongbokgung Palace. Witness the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, then delve deeper into Korean heritage at the National Folk Museum. Next, learn about the legendary ginseng root at the Korean Ginseng Center, or get dazzled by shimmering amethysts at the Amethyst Store. Finally, escape the city and step back in time at the Korean Folk Village, where traditional houses from each province unveil the rich tapestry of late Joseon Dynasty culture. After experiencing this charming slice of history, we'll return to Seoul for a well-deserved rest.

Jeonju Lahan Hotel or Similar

En-route to Jeonju, wind through scenic landscapes of Gongju, where history comes alive at the UNESCO-listed Tomb of King Muryeong and the mighty Gongsanseong Fortress. Step into a different era in Jeonju's enchanting Hanok Village, home to over 700 meticulously preserved traditional Korean houses. These intricate wooden structures, with their serene courtyards and delicate details, stand as living testaments to Korea's rich architectural heritage. Your day ends with check-in to your Jeonju hotel, with the evening at leisure to explore at your own pace.

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Yeosu or Similar

After breakfast, embark on a journey through history and nature. Gwangju, the heart of the Honam region, is the home of the May 18th National Cemetery, where the echoes of Korea's fight for democracy still resonate. Next, escape to the serene embrace of Suncheon Bay National Garden, a UNESCO treasure. Breathe in the fresh air as you wander through wetlands, marvel at reed fields swaying in the breeze, and watch migratory birds paint the sky with their wings.

Our destination for the evening is Yeosu, a romantic coastal gem. Stroll along Yi Sun-shin Plaza, soaking in the vibrant harbour atmosphere and gazing at the majestic statue of the legendary Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

Jeju Grand Hyatt or Similar

Today you’ll head to the mighty Jinjuseong Fortress. This formidable bastion dates back to the 14th century and played a pivotal role in repelling the Japanese invasion of 1592. Stand within its ramparts and imagine the echoes of battle, feeling the weight of history amidst the scenic panorama.


Next, a journey to Busan to board your flight to Jeju at Gimhae Domestic Airport. On arrival in Jeju, meet your welcoming guide and transfer to your hotel, ready to rest and recharge for the days ahead.

Jeju Grand Hyatt or Similar

After a hearty breakfast, embrace the sun-kissed shores of Hyupjae Beach and Hallim Park. Enjoy a vibrant tapestry of botanical delights. Palm Tree Road beckons with its towering sentinels, enjoy the intricate Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, a miniature world where nature's artistry takes centre stage. You will see gnarled volcanic rocks, sculpted by time and weather, transformed into miniature landscapes that mimic mountains, valleys, and serene gardens. Embrace the tranquillity of the Water Garden and immerse yourself in the lush Subtropical Botanic Garden, a haven of exotic blooms and verdant beauty. 

Next, a visit to the O'sulloc Tea Museum, where you will learn about steaming brews and rich tea traditions. Savour the flavours and serene atmosphere whilst you sip on a cup of South Korea’s best. This afternoon, embark on a scenic cruise around Sanbang Mountain, navigating the dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and cascading waterfalls. Finally, let "The Pond of God" at Cheonjeyeon Falls mesmerise you as three tiers of water tumble into a magical pool. Finish the day with a rest stop and souvenir shopping before returning to your hotel.

Avani Central Busan Hotel or Similar

After breakfast, journey to Seongup Folk Village. Immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions, witnessing vibrant demonstrations of Jeju's unique music, dance, and even the iconic Haenyeo diving techniques. At the Haenyeo Museum, captivating exhibits and stories paint a picture of remarkable women's lives and incredible underwater skills. Alternatively, witness their strength and resilience firsthand with a live Haenyeo show, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage experience.

Next, ascend Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a volcanic masterpiece rising 180 metres from the sea. Imagine the fiery birth of this island over 5,000 years ago, and marvel at the panoramic vistas. Descend into the earth's secrets at Manjanggul Lava Tube. This 100,000-year-old testament to Jeju's volcanic past boasts stunning formations that show off the power of nature.

Finally, transfer to Jeju Airport where you will catch your return flight to Busan where you will be transferred to your hotel for the evening.

Commodore Hotel Gyeongju or Similar

After breakfast at your hotel, meet your guide for a full-day sightseeing tour. Sink your toes into the soft, white sand of Haeundae Beach, the crown jewel of the Busan coast. This 1.5km coastline offers stunning views and an irresistible invitation to soak up the sun. Journey along the scenic Dalmaji-gil Road. This picturesque path culminates at Yonggungsa Temple, a seaside sanctuary nestled amongst rugged cliffs. Marvel at the temple's intricate architecture and serene atmosphere, feeling the rhythm of the waves against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal scenery.

Visit Gamcheon Culture Village, where colourful houses tumble down a hillside like a vibrant cascade. Nicknamed "Machu Picchu of Busan," this vibrant community is a kaleidoscope of art, creativity, and community spirit. Wander through quirky alleyways, admire whimsical murals, and discover hidden gems in this artistic haven. 

No Busan adventure is complete without a delectable dive into the city's culinary scene. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of fresh seafood at Jagalchi Fishery Market, one of the largest in Korea. Witness a vibrant tapestry of colours and textures as vendors display their catch, and perhaps treat yourself to a local delicacy.

End your Busan exploration with a stroll through BIFF Square, a lively hub dedicated to the city's thriving film industry. Browse through movie posters, pose with iconic statues, and soak up the energetic atmosphere before leaving for Gyeongju.

Hotel Inter-Burgo Exco or Similar

After breakfast, meet your guide for a day of exploration. Gyeongju, a treasure trove of history, was once the kingdom's capital. It has preserved a wealth of fascinating heritage, earning it a UNESCO World Heritage designation. Bulguksa Temple, with its serene beauty and breathtaking stone relics, and nearby, Seokguram Grotto, carved from granite within a mountain peak, houses a majestic Buddha statue in silent contemplation. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura of these UNESCO gems, marvelling at the artistry and dedication that brought them to life.

In the afternoon you will travel to Daegu City for your overnight stay.

Pyeongchang Ramada Hotel & Suite or Similar

After checking out, embark on a journey through Korean history and culture, starting with the serene Haeinsa Temple in Gayasan National Park. Founded in 802 by King Ae-Jang, it houses the famed Tripitaka Koreana, a UNESCO treasure of 81,341 woodblocks carved to repel invaders. Next, step back in time at Andong Hahoe Village, a preserved Joseon Dynasty settlement where residents still live among traditional architecture, made famous by Queen Elizabeth II's visit. Finally, conclude your trip in Pyeongchang, a vibrant city that hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

Orakai Daehakro Hotel or Similar

Today, embark on a journey through South Korea's natural and cultural wonders, starting with Seoraksan National Park, Korea's crown jewel. This breathtaking spectacle earned Seoraksan UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 1982, protecting its diverse ecosystem teeming with rare species. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Sinheungsa Temple, an ancient gem nestled in the embrace of Mt. Seorak, built by the revered monk Jajangyulsa in the 7th century. For an aerial adventure, consider the optional Gwongeumseong Cable Car ride (approx USD 20 per person), whisking you to the ruins of a historic castle perched atop Dol Mountain. After soaking in the majesty of Seoraksan, your journey concludes in the vibrant city of Seoul.

Orakai Daehakro Hotel or Similar

After breakfast at your hotel, your adventure to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) begins. Remember to bring your passport as it is mandatory to unlock this journey through Korean history.

Your first step into the DMZ narrative begins at Imjingak Park. Here, the Freedom Bridge stands stoic, a visible symbol of the yearning for Korean reunification. Feel the weight of history as you gaze at the Bell of Unification, its solemn toll echoing the hopes for a harmonious future. Next, take a step onto the Unification Bridge, a poignant reminder of the war and the aspiration for reconciliation. Delve deeper into the complexities of the Korean War at the DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall. Interactive exhibits and informative documentaries bring the conflict's stories to life, providing crucial context for your firsthand experience.

Descend into the depths of the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and then ascend to the Dora Observatory for a breathtaking panorama of the DMZ. Peer through high-powered binoculars and gaze across the Demarcation Line, a stark reminder of the division between two Koreas. 

Your DMZ adventure will conclude at Seoul City Hall with a brief stop prior for a spot of shopping.This evening, the vibrant streets of Seoul await your exploration. Whether you prefer the convenience of a taxi, the bustle of the subway, or the charm of a leisurely stroll, the choice is yours.


Following a leisurely breakfast, you'll be met at your hotel lobby 4 hours ahead of your flight for a smooth airport transfer. This concludes your tour of South Korea and Jeju Island.

Departure transfers are included as part of your package. You will be collected from your hotel at the appropriate time and transferred to the airport to meet your flight.

If Inspiring Vacations has not provided your international airfares, please ensure you provide your flight details via your Traveller Hub portal no later than 90 days prior to travel so that your transfers can be confirmed.


  • Incredible sightseeing, including historic temples, UNESCO world heritage sites, National Parks and gardens, the picturesque island of Jeju and the Korean Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)
  • Time to explore cities, including Seoul, Jeonju, coastal Yeosu, Busan & Pyeongchang, home of the 2018 winter olympics
  • 12 nights in quality 4 and 5-star hotels
  • Airport transfers included on the first and last day of your tour
  • Breakfast daily
  • Fully escorted by professional, English-speaking guide
  • Dedicated, comfortable coach transportation

  • Seoul - Beautiful traditional architecture at Jogyesa Temple & Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Seoul - Experience Korean heritage at the National Folk Museum
  • Gongju - Admire the scenic landscapes of Gongsanseong Fortress
  • Gongju - Explore the UNESCO-listed Tomb of King Muryeong
  • Jeonju - Explore the traditional houses at Hanok Village
  • Gwangju - Home of the May 18th National Cemetery
  • Gwangju -  Stroll the gardens at Suncheon Bay National Garden
  • Jinju - Admire the Jinjuseong Fortress and the role it played in 1592
  • Jeju - Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Hyupjae Beach and beautiful flora at Hallim Park
  • Jeju - Admire the delicate art form of Bonsai at Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden
  • Jeju - Visit the iconic O'sulloc Tea Museum
  • Jeju - Discover the beautiful scenery at Sanbang Mountain and Cheonjeyeon Falls 
  • Jeju - Learn about tradition Haenyeo diving techniques at Seongup Folk Village
  • Jeju - Marvel at the volcanic masterpiece rising 180m above the water at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
  • Jeju- Admire the intricate architecture of Yonggungsa Temple resting on the seaside cliff
  • Busan - Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colourful houses at the Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Busan - Explore the abundance of fresh seafood at Jagalchi Fishery Market
  • Gyeongju - Discover the UNESCO heritage site of Bulguksa Temple and nearby Seokguram Grotto
  • Haeinsa - Explore the Haeinsa Temple and admire the 80,000 hand carved wood blocks known as the Tripitaka Koreana
  • Andong - Visit the traditional Andong Hahoe Village, once visited by Queen Elizabeth II
  • Pyeongchang - Stay in the alpine village that hosted the 2018 Winter Olympic Games
  • Seoraksan - Admire the natural beauty of Seoraksan National Park
  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - Visit Freedom bridge, Unification Bridge, Infiltration Tunnel and Dora Observatory in the Korean DMZ.

Fine Print

Secure your trip with a $99.00 deposit per person.

Once we receive your deposit, we will send you an invoice with your remaining balance and payment options.

Instalment Schedule:

  1. At the time of booking pay a $99.00 deposit per person.
  2. Pay a 1st installment of $681.00 per person within 28 days.
  3. Pay a 2nd installment of $1,362.00 per person within 90 days.
  4. You will then be invoiced for final payment 120 days prior to departure.

This is a land only package.

This package does not include international airfares. If you would like to add airfares to your booking our flight portal will be available via your Traveller Hub. The flight portal will allow you to search for all available airfares to your destination. The function works like most general flight search engines allowing you to select your preferred airline, book different cabin classes (eg. Business class) and view flight durations and transit times to your destination. 

The flight portal will be available via your Traveller Hub once the following criteria has been met:

  • Your booking is confirmed
  • Your departure date is within 11 months
  • You  have completed your passenger detail form

Visit our Flight Hub for more information on terms and conditions, amending your flights and information on luggage allowances. 

Some of our packages will include airport transfers in either one or both directions when arriving or departing from your destination. To know if transfers are included please view the ‘inclusions’ section of your selected package. If airport transfers are stated, transfers will be included as advised.

If transfers are not included, we also offer the option to book your airport transfers using our online portal. Access to this portal is available through your Traveller Hub once your booking is confirmed. Transfers are readily available and do not need to be booked until your final hotel list has been confirmed. Once you have made a transfer booking, please refer to your confirmation email for all transfer details including a local contact number for the transfer company.

It is the traveller's responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the intended date of return. Visas may be required for your destination. For further visa information, click here.

Fitness Requirements
While the tour itinerary should give you some guidance and overview to the expected requirements, to determine if this tour is right for you we categorise each of our tours in terms of their intensity. These guidelines are to ensure that each tour group is conducted as expected and to ensure the overall satisfaction of all Inspiring Vacations customers.

As a general rule, porterage is not included, therefore at all times you are expected to handle your own luggage where help may not be available.

This particular tour is categorised as a ‘4’

Lively Tour: A very good level of fitness and mobility is required for you to enjoy all aspects of the itinerary, as this is considered a fast-paced tour. While there is some free time scheduled either in the morning or afternoon, there are many full days of sightseeing with minimal rest and some early starts. You will be required to walk up and down stairs, get on and off the coach and participate in all scheduled sightseeing that may be conducted on uneven ground and terrain. Any physical ailments you may have must be disclosed at the time of booking to determine your suitability. If you have any form of walking aids, other than a walking stick or hiking poles, then this tour is not suitable.

A friendly reminder that tipping is not included in your package. Tipping is not compulsory on your trip, but they can make a big difference to locals employed in the tourism industry. If you feel that your guide and driver have done an impeccable job, you can choose to give a gratuity, but this is entirely your decision.

The accommodation listed is subject to change. Any changes will be of an equal or higher standard. Bedding configurations (double or twin) are requests only. All efforts will be made to meet your preferences, but we can’t guarantee your request will be available at all properties.

Single travellers
When booking this tour, solo travellers will be presented with two options:

1 - Single Supplement
By paying an additional $2,339.00 per person, in addition to the twin-share price, you guarantee the privacy of your own room throughout the entire trip.

2- Shared Room with a known friend
If travelling together with a friend, you can opt to share your room with him/her and avoid paying a single supplement. 

You and your friend can create a unique booking each. Creating a unique booking, gives each of you the flexibility of making different travel arrangements (such adding extra accommodation, flights, etc), make separate payments and have individual access to our Traveller’s Hub

During the purchase path, you will need to provide your friend’s booking ID (if known) or at a minimum, your friend’s full name.

Triple Share
Not available.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is recommended to protect yourself against the unexpected. In addition to the support that a policy may provide, you may be asked to present a copy of your travel insurance documentation while traveling.

Group Size
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 50

Children must be 5 years old or above and share a room with parents at all times. Children are charged the same price as adults.

Tour Style
To meet the needs of various types of travelers, we choose to operate various types of tours, and depending on your selected package will mean different services are provided throughout your trip. The following descriptions of each tour style we hope will ensure that each traveller has appropriate expectations before they start their travels: 

  • Fully Escorted - This tour is fully escorted by an expert English-speaking guide who will accompany you throughout the tour.

All participants must be in good physical condition to fully engage in this journey. For the safety and welfare of yourself and fellow travellers, if you are feeling unwell prior to departure, we advise staying home and contacting us to arrange alternate plans.

Prior to selecting your trip, carefully review the itinerary to assess your ability to comfortably manage our travel style. Please be aware that if, based on evaluation by our leader or local representative, a participant is deemed unable to safely complete the itinerary, we retain the right to exclude them from all or part of the trip without reimbursement.

It is advisable to consult your physician for current medical travel advisories and any required vaccinations before embarking. We recommend carrying a first aid kit and any necessary medications in their original packaging, as they may not be readily available during travel. For those carrying medication, it's essential to check your government's foreign travel guidelines for local restrictions or regulations.

  • International airfares
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Tipping
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Click HERE for more information on weather in South Korea.

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