Meet the team

Brendon Cooper

Head Of Travel

Always looking for his next adventure – here in Australia or in a souk on the other side of the world – travel is serious business for Brendon, so much so, he co-founded Inspiring Vacations with Paul and James and as Head of Travel, he is responsible for creating all the itineraries you see on our site. 

Brendon has been in the tourism industry for 15 years but the travel bug bit from an early age. Growing up, Brendon says he was very fortunate to have parents that were passionate about seeing the world and naturally his early travel experiences have shaped his view of the world; travel is just part of his DNA.

For Brendon, travel is about trying new things, including the cuisine. When in Rome, right? Or on this occasion, China. Travelling the far western corner of China, near the Tibetan border, a family invited Brendon’s travel industry group trip into their home for a meal but it was the alcoholic drink that was memorable. After the third or fourth round someone asked what this delicious tipple was made from. The host retrieved the 20L jug the drink was fermenting in, and to the groups’ surprise (and slight horror), hundreds of bright orange and black caterpillars sat stewing in the liquid along with a native fungus. The caterpillars weren’t enough to stop some of the group asking for a small takeaway flask to enjoy later that night.   

While Brendon’s job description doesn’t involve sourcing the best fermented drinks to have on tour, each itinerary he and his team curate is from the heart – every tour is one Brendon would go on himself. The beauty of his job means he can travel vicariously and says the biggest satisfaction is hearing customers’ own travel stories and the incredible experiences they have on tour.

Say ni hao to Brendon