Meet the team

James Cathie

Head Of Operations

When our co-founder and Head of Operations isn’t travelling the world, you’ll find James in the kitchen recreating tapas from that bar in Barcelona, noodles from a certain laneway in Hanoi or tagine from that Marrakech market stall. After travelling extensively across Australia as a child, and venturing off on the obligatory post-university overseas trip in his twenties, there was no turning back: James was ensnared by the travel bug and ever since, there’s always an upcoming holiday marked on his calendar. 

It’s no surprise then that James has worked in the travel industry for eight years and co-founded Inspiring Vacations with fellow travel lovers Paul and Brendan. 

James’ job is part juggling and crystal ball gazing. Sort of. If there’s an approaching typhoon or a transfer delayed by traffic, James will know about it and how it could impact our customers’ travel plans. Those high-pressure moments to ensure a customer’s itinerary runs smoothly are tempered by the pleasure in seeing positive feedback on their return or the happy snaps shared on social media. James considers it a unique and fortunate position to impact Inspiring Vacations' commitment to constantly deliver positively memorable travel experiences. 

James’ favourite travel memory is the two weeks spent in Sri Lanka as a family and all the resulting shared experiences that they still talk of today. There are no epic stories and no memorable disasters; nothing that classifies as a quintessential travel story, but as he fondly recounts: “We walked and climbed, ate and drank, talked and laughed (and only occasionally argued) and, to me, a life lived while travelling is the perfect travel story.”

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