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Considering a career with Inspiring Vacations?

Meet Bree, Product Quality Manager

Bree joined Inspiring Vacations as a Travel Specialist in May 2018. Bree was quickly promoted to Product Operations Manager and then Product Development Manager and now . She excelled and has recently accepted her new role as Product Quality Manager. Here are Bree’s thoughts about joining Inspiring Vacations and how she has found a better way…

Why did you join our team?
I had worked with the Directors in the past and was excited at the prospect of not only working with them again, but also being a part of a unique and innovative travel company. I didn’t hesitate to join the team and knew that the company would be a success, offering fantastic opportunities for experience and growth. It’s been incredible to be a part of the business from the early stages, to see how far it has come.

What do you love most about your job?
I’m excited by new challenges and love being involved in package curation, reviewing customer feedback and playing a key role in our success. I appreciate the flexible work options, our monthly team lunches and the opportunities to travel overseas. I also enjoy working with like-minded people and being given the freedom to explore new ideas which contribute to our future success.

What are your favourite perks?
Inspiring Vacations encourages our passion for travel. Earlier this year I used leave to visit South Korea and have recently returned from an inspection trip to experience our best selling tour across Spain and Portugal. I’m looking forward to attending a Trade Show in London later this year. I’m very grateful for these opportunities I've received and appreciate how invaluable these experiences are to both my personal and professional development.

How would you describe the culture?
Everyone in the team is supportive and helps one another. There is continuous encouragement to get involved in ongoing company projects, no matter which role or department you work in. Since we operate 24/7 it’s important that everyone in the business assists our customers via phone and chat. It’s our commitment to show our customers that we are one big team of real people who care.

What would you say to people considering joining our team?
There are so many benefits to joining our team - the flexible work arrangements, travel, monthly team lunches, opportunity for growth, famils and an endless supply of snacks! If you are considering a change, now is the time.