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Travel Advice

Updated: 11 October 2023

Government travel advisories

It is the customers' responsibility to ensure they are aware of current travel restrictions and requirements upon entering a state or territory. To keep up to date with your state or territory travel restrictions, please go to the following link/s:

Read more about state or territory travel restrictions:

We recommend customers subscribe to their government travel advice website for updates. You will be regularly informed should the level of advice change:

Conflict in Israel and the Paestinian Territories: 08 October 2023 

On October 7th, 2023, Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack on Israel resulting in hundreds of fatalities. Israel retaliated by declaring a state of war and striking targets in Gaza resulting hundreds of fatalities. Inspiring Vacations has a small number of customers on the ground. All travellers and tour leaders have been confirmed safe.

In light of further updates from local partners and in accordance with updated government travel advice, the decison has been made to terminate the Israel portion of our applicable Middle East itineraries for departures up until 04 November 2023. We expect that further departures may be impacted, however, this decision will be made in the coming days while we continue to prioritise those on-tour and those scheduled to depart this month. 

Here is a list of the itineraries and departure dates that have been impacted:

  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 16 Sept (Israel portion 06 Oct)
  • 20 Day Incredible  Egypt, Jordan, Israel  - 22 Sept (Israel portion 06 Oct)
  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 23 Sept (Israel portion 13 Oct) 
  • 29 Day Ultimate Middle East - 6 Oct (Israel portion 20 Oct) 
  • 29 Day Ultimate Middle East - 11 Oct (Israel portion 25 Oct) 
  • 29 Day Ultimate Middle East - 13 Oct (Israel portion 27 Oct) 
  • 20 Day Incredible  Egypt, Jordan, Israel  - 13 Oct (Israel portion 27 Oct)
  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 14 Oct (Israel portion 27 Oct)
  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 28 Oct (Israel portion 27 Oct)
  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 28 Oct (Israel portion 27 Oct)
  • 29 Day Ultimate Middle East - 03 Nov (Israel portion 17 Oct) 
  • 26 Day Egypt, Jordan, Israel - 04 Nov (Israel portion 24 Nov)

All itineraries incorporating travel to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey are travelling as normal with no itinerary changes anticipated. As such, any voluntary request to change or cancel an existing booking will be treated as per our standard terms and conditions. Please refer to your travel insurance provider to understand how you may be covered through your chosen policy.  

Should your booking become impacted by an itinerary change, we will be in touch with the person who made your booking. 

Morocco Travel Update: 11 September 2023

On Friday 8 September an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred with an epicentre 70km southwest of Marrakech. The earthquake was felt across multiple cities in Morocco. Infrastructure (power, water and communications) has been impacted. All our travellers and staff are safe and accounted for.

We are in regular contact with our team on the ground in Morocco to ensure that we can maintain the safety of our groups and we will make appropriate alterations where required. At this stage, all itienraries are operating as normal. 

If you have an upcoming departure and wish to make alternative plans, we recommend you first speak with your travel insurance provider and then please contact our customer service team as normal for assistance.