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Claire Fawbert Head Of Digital

For our Head of Delivery Claire, travel and adventure go hand in hand. Her love for both pastimes started at a young age thanks to her natural curiosity and her South African roots. By the time she was 17 Claire had lived in three countries and has been eager to add to her travel list ever since. 

Claire’s fondest travel memory is the time she spent at the Okavango Delta. She describes Botswana as a breathtakingly beautiful place – every day is an adventure and getting stuck in sand while out on safari is nothing out of the ordinary. Except when you break down right next to a pride of lions. “We had to get out of the car to attach tow ropes to another vehicle in order to get us out. I have never worked so quickly in my life! Luckily, the lions had just finished off their lunch (a buffalo) so they had huge bellies and were busy sleeping in the sunshine, far too busy to pay attention to us. I wasn’t keen on being dessert!” 

After work jaunts in Africa and the UK, Claire now calls Melbourne home. She might be a long way away from Botswana but describes her role at Inspiring Vacations as a daily adventure – minus the lions and sand. Claire is first and foremost our IT problem solver: if there’s an issue, a question or an idea, she is responsible for the solution and gives bright ideas wings. She is always looking for ways to improve our award-winning website and make the booking process seamless for our customers.