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23 Day Grand China & Yangtze River
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23 Day Grand China & Yangtze River
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26 Jul 2019
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Optional Tour - Tang Dynasty Show Performance with Dumpling Banquet dinner

In the evening, you may choose to enjoy the Tang Dynasty Show Performance with Dumpling Banquet.
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 1 (Morning) – Fengdu Ghost City

Today's optional excursion is the Fengdu Ghost City to see why it's regarded as the “City of Ghosts.” The temples built on Ming Mountain depict the instruments of punishment and demon paintings, demonstrating the Chinese people's imagination of hell.
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 2 (Afternoon) – White Emperor City

You may also choose the optional excursion to visit the White Emperor City, an ancient temple that is located atop Baidi Mountain on the northern bank of the Yangtze River in Fengjie County
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 1 (Morning) – Lesser Three Gorges

Explore the Lesser Three Gorges, a shining pearl hidden in the remote mountains. You will leave your cruise ship and board smaller vessels to sail through the narrower and breathtaking Lesser Three gorges region, lined by sheer cliffs and mountains.
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 2 (Afternoon) – Tribe of the Three Gorges

You may also want to visit the Tribe of the Three gorges, the only large scenic spot that has not been influenced by the Three Gorges Dam project, which showcases the abundant Ba Culture and Shu Culture.
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 1 (Morning) – Three Gorges Dam Site

Three Gorges Dam Site - The Three Gorges Dam Site is one of the largest construction projects undertaken by mankind and is the biggest hydropower project in the world.
Optional Tour - Shanghai Acrobatic Show

The Shanghai Acrobat Show is in our opinion one of the best shows to see while on tour in China. It appeals to all ages, from young children to adults. It is very visual and the show is not made of “tricks” but is feats of skill and fitness. It is comparable to many international Cirque style shows but at a price much lower and an opportunity to sit much closer. Having seen all the acrobat shows in Beijing and Shanghai, we consider this one to be the best of the lot.
Optional Tour: Maglev Train/Market/Old Town/French Quarter

Shanghai Maglev Train is the fastest train in the world. Its top speed is about 430 km (267 miles) per hour. The maglev currently runs 30 km (19 miles) between an outlying part of Shanghai's ļ¬nancial district in Pudong and the international airport within 8 minutes. After a round high-speed-trip, you will visit the biggest indoor market in China. Make sure to experience the“ local haggling” before bringing. You will also visit the Traditional old Town area and the French Quarter.
Optional Tour - Huangpu River Cruise

Enjoy an optional evening on the Huangpu River Cruise, allowing you to take in the famous sites of Shanghai including the People’s Hero Monument, the Bund, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the dramatic skyline of the Pu Dong business district, the bustling International Passenger Station of Shanghai Harbour, the docks and the Wu Song ancient gun fort relics.
Optional tour - Summer Palace

Visit the Summer Palace, the largest royal park in China that overlooks the stunning Kunming lake. For hundreds of years it served as the summer residence of Chinese royalty and their families. Today it is a UNESCO world heritage site and a sacred retreat for locals and tourists.
Yangtze Optional Shore Excursion 2 (Afternoon) – Shibaozhai

Shibaozhai is a 12-story wooden pagoda built against the rock in the 18th century. It is located in Zhong County on the south bank of the Yangtze River. There are steles and inscriptions of past dynasties on each floor. Visitors may also appreciate the spectacular Yangtze River from the windows of each floor during climbing.
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